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Public Notices

March 26, 2024
August 30, 2023
  • Beginning at Point 1 (326632.113N, 5202987.298E) where the boundaries of Grand Bank and Lamaline intersect

  • Then travelling north east to Point 2 (330324.275N, 5206858.687E), along the existing boundary of the Town of Grand Bank

  • Then travelling north east along the existing planning boundary of Lawn to Point 3 (334839.763N, 5211593.291E)

  • Then travelling south east to the Town of St. Lawrence’s Planning Area Boundary at Point 4 (343882.783N, 5207148.197E)

  • Then travelling south along the Town of St. Lawrence’s Planning Area boundary to Point 5 (342484.050N, 5198258.949E)

  • Then travelling west along the coastline to Point 6 (339832.720N, 5197545.975E) of Lawn’s existing Municipal Boundary

  • Then travelling along the shoreline of Lawn’s existing Municipal and Planning Area Boundary to Point 7 (339069.929N, 5199058.492E)

  • Then travelling south west along the shoreline to Point 8 (334978.912N, 5195961.042E)

  • Then travelling north along the existing Planning Area Boundary of Lord’s Cove to Point 9 (334957.899N, 5197914.104E)

  • Then travelling west along the existing Planning Area boundary of Lord’s Cove to Point 10 (330212.924N, 5197917.99E)

  • Then travelling north west to Point 1 (326632.112N, 5202987.298E)

What is the Feasibility Assessment for a Boundary Amendment?


The feasibility assessment is being carried out by the Town of Lawn under the authority of the Minister for the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs (MAPA) and Section 9 of the Municipalities Act, 1999. The intent of the assessment is to explore the feasibility of a boundary amendment for the Town of Lawn.

Notice of Public Hearing/Call for Public Input


Town of Lawn

Feasibility Assessment

Amendment to Municipal Planning Area


The Town of Lawn is considering an amendment to its current Municipal Planning Area boundary. The feasibility assessment process requires the Consultant to consult with impacted communities and to hold a public hearing under the provisions of the Public Inquiry Act with the Consultant acting as the commissioner for the hearing. A Public Hearing for the purpose of public input into the proposed boundary amendment will be held on:


7:00 – 9:00 pm

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Town Hall, Lawn


A description of the proposed boundary amendment may be seen at Those wishing to make a formal presentation at the Public Hearing, or who wish to provide other input on the proposed amendment, may do so by contacting Pat Curran + Associates Inc. at


The deadline for public input is September 15, 2023

July 28, 2023
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June 27, 2023

Welcome to the new web site for the Town of Lawn.  The town hopes this web site will provide an informative connection with our residents and provide visitors with the necessary information for their next visit to beautiful and welcoming town!

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